Nina Rolle

Open House

Nina Rolle

April 7, 2013


Come join us for our open house, which we host on the first Sunday of every month. You will have a chance to receive meditation instructions, hear a dharma talk, and take a tour of the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, as well as to simply relax on this serene and powerful land. Bring a friend, and come spend the day in the wild and beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Featured Speaker for April – Nina Rolle
“Boundless Playground: Sense Perceptions on the Path to Waking Up”

Our open house schedule is as follows:
10:30 am        Meditation Instruction and Practice
11:00 am        Talk by Nina Rolle
12:30 pm       Lunch
1:30 pm          Guided walk to the Great Stupa
2:00 pm          Stupa Tour

Please feel free to join us for any or all activities. There is no cost for the program, although we do ask for a $10 lunch donation if you will join us for lunch. We will also be hosting Open Houses on the first Sunday of every month throughout the summer. To allow us to better anticipate levels of attendance and prepare for our visitors, please register if you are planning to stay for lunch.

Nina Rolle

Nina Rolle is a voiceover artist, cabaret performer, and avid thrower of holiday dinners.  She was first introduced to Shambhala meditation in 1989 at Naropa University, and her practice path and artistic career path have been intertwined ever since. Nina teaches meditation at Naropa University and Dharma Art for  the Chapman University program at SMC.  Her current onstage project is Truth Be Told, a bi-monthly story slam in Boulder, Colorado.

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