The Posture of Meditation: Breathing through the Whole Body

Will Johnson

November 14–16, 2014

Tuition $100 + 2 nights
In the practice of meditation, what you do with your body is every bit as important as what you do with your mind. During this retreat, we will explore the conditions of body that naturally deepen our meditation and learn to establish the three primary somatic principles shown to support our posture: alignment (establishing the upright spine), relaxation (surrendering the weight of the body to the pull of gravity), and resilience (the understanding that everything in the body moves subtly in resilient response to the force of breath). Building on this foundation, we’re naturally led to “breathe through the whole body, ” as suggested in the Buddha’s teachings. By embodying these simple principles, we can bring far more ease, grace, and release into our sitting practice. Body awakens. Mind slows down. Heart comes open.

Please note: The cost of the retreat covers direct expenses.  In keeping with the oldest traditions of dharma teaching, Will offers his teaching entirely for free.  At the conclusion of the retreat, you are welcome to offer him dana (donation) however you feel inspired.

For all levels of practitioners—prior experience with sitting meditation recommended.

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Will Johnson

Will Johnson, an early student of Ida Rolf, has written extensively about the role of the body in spiritual practices. He is the author of The Posture of Meditation, The Spiritual Practices of Rumi, and, most recently, Breathing through the Whole Body.  Merging his interests in spiritual practice and Western approaches to the body, in 1995 he founded The Institute for Embodiment Training, a school in British Columbia that views the body as the doorway to spiritual opening rather than the obstacle to it.

Program Details

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