True Becoming: How Our Queer/Straight Experiences Inform Our Perception

Boulder Queer Dharma

September 13–15, 2019

Tuition + 2 nights

This program has been canceled. 

Everyday we are challenged to show up in our lives in an authentic way. No matter how we might identify, just being ourselves can feel like a radical act of bravery. Please join us for a weekend conversation examining our sense of self and our place in the world with gentleness and honesty.  Through Dharma talks, dialogue, experiential and embodied exercises, and active time in nature, we will engage body, speech, and mind in the exploration of identity and the ways in which our sense of self is shaped by, and conforms to, our environment.

In an environment that fosters safety and belonging, everyone will come together on Saturday afternoon to explore the origins of our own self-perception, how we relate to others, and what of ourselves we are able to offer the world as a result.  The rest of the retreat will be spent split into queer and straight identifying groups to allow space for the exploration of challenges specific to these two groups.

This will be a unique opportunity for deep reflection and collective learning about the human experience, no matter what your identity or orientation.

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Boulder Queer Dharma

Boulder Queer Dharma is a forum created to study and practice meditation and Dharma as well as to contemplate and discuss topics relating to LGBTQ interests/concerns and to socialize in a welcoming, supportive space.

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