Qigong and Meditation

Eva Wong and Acharya Dale Asrael

August 12–17, 2015

Tuition $395 + 5 nights

This program integrates qigong and meditation with an emphasis on how these practices support one another in nourishing a healthy body and cultivating a clear mind. The daily practice will interlace several sessions of sitting and walking meditation led by Acharya Dale Asrael, with qigong sessions presented by Eva Wong. Qigong Levels I-V will be reviewed and new materials introduced, including special sessions on Jing practice and marrow washing, organ cleansing and focusing the spirit. This retreat is a prerequisite for entrance into Qigong Level VI instruction. Interviews will be given to those who wish to advance to Level VI, and acceptance into this level is based upon these interviews.

Please note:

  • This program ends at 6 pm on the final day. The SMC shuttle service is only available the following morning. Please book an additional night if you will require travel assistance. Select “add extra night- 25% off” in the upper right hand corner of the registration page.
  • Qigong is inadvisable for pregnant women.
  • Interviews by Eva Wong and Acharya Dale Asrael will be given to those who have completed all program requirements for Qigong Level VI (Qigong Levels I-V and all intensives) and who wish to be considered for acceptance into Level VI.

Prerequisite: Qigong Levels I-V


Program Details

Registration takes place from 2:00–5:00 p.m. on your program start date. All participants and volunteer staff must check in at our Guest Registration house. Please arrive before 5:00 p.m. to check in and settle into your accommodations. Your program begins with dinner, followed by an orientation. The Guest Registration house closes at 5:30 p.m. after which no one is available to provide information or orient you to your accommodations. This program ends at 6pm on the final day. SMC shuttle service is only available the following day. Please call to book an additional night if you will be using this service. Further specifics regarding your program's schedule will be available upon arrival. If applicable, you will receive an email from the program coordinator in the week prior to your program with any additional information you may need.