Relationship as a Path of Awakening

Bruce Tift

May 16–18, 2014

Tuition $190 + 2 nights

Many of us feel deeply disconnected at times—from ourselves, from others, and from life. Actually, it is impossible not to be intimate and fully connected at all times. Using relationships as a powerful vehicle for investigating this central human issue, we will explore how we create and maintain—and how we can dissolve—this vivid and painful appearance of disconnection. Through a potent combination of interpersonal tools, views from Western psychotherapy, and compassion-generating practices of Buddhism, we can experience our relationships as a path of awakening. This program is for individuals, couples, therapists, or anyone interested in exploring their view of relationships and feelings of disconnection.

Bruce Tift is also giving a talk on Relationship as a Path of Awakening on April 25th in Boulder, CO. For information and to register, please click here.

To listen to/download a recent interview that we did with Bruce Tift, please click here.


Bruce Tift

Bruce Tift, MA, LMFT, has been in private practice since 1979, taught at Naropa University for 25 years, and given presentations in the U.S., Mexico and Japan. His new CD, Already Free: Buddhism Meets Psychotherapy on the Path of Liberation, explores the human issues of neurosis, anxiety, body awareness and relationship dynamics.

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