The Resiliency Practices of Yoga and Buddhism

Cyndi Lee

September 1–3, 2017

Tuition $300 + 2 nights

By engaging in just one activity at a time, yoga and Buddhist practices teach us how to be fully present. However, our body tells us that it gets strong, clear, and nimble when we alternate our activity on a regular basis. Each session of this retreat will integrate single-tasking focus with our innate need for variety by toggling between slower and faster asana sequences, pranayama, meditation, contemplative writing, and walking. With inspiration from Cyndi’s talks: Gathering the Threads of Attention, All You Need to Do is Show Up, Taming the Monkey Mind and Monkey Body, we follow a path toward resiliency, freshness, and deeper connection.

This program ends with dinner on Sunday. Participants may wish to stay an additional night. To do so at 25% off our normal lodging rates, select “add extra night” located above and to the right of lodging options.

Cyndi Lee

Cyndi Lee is the first female Western yoga teacher to fully integrate yoga asana and Buddhism in her teaching. Author of the yoga classic, Yoga Body Buddha Mind and May I Be Happy, a memoir about body image and meditation, she also writes for Real Simple, Lion’s Roar and Yoga Journal. She is an ordained lay Buddhist Chaplain.

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