Relationship as a Spiritual Path: “Getting The Love You Want”

Ben Cohen

November 7–9, 2014

Tuition $300 + 2 nights

A Couples Workshop

Intimate relationships are both an opportunity and a challenge to our capacity for love and vulnerability. Once we get past the romantic love stage, we often find ourselves surprised by these challenges. Drawing from the work of Harville Hendrix, PhD, this experiential workshop will explore essential principles and practices of conscious relationships. You will be guided safely through processes that will help you better understand your core conflicts and how to transform these into opportunities for connection, healing, and growth. During this powerful weekend, you will learn how to consciously create safety, and increase your capacity for both giving and receiving love from your partner. Join us and take your relationship to a higher level.

This workshop is intended for couples, but is open to single therapists who are interested in the Imago Clinical Training being taught immediately after this workshop. Singles will be partnered with each other for the purpose of practicing the skills.

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Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen, PhD, has been in private practice in Boulder for over 25 years, and has led over 90 “Getting the Love You Want” Couples Workshops. Former Co-Dean of the Faculty of Imago Relationships International, and a former adjunct faculty at The Naropa University, he is a “student” of Thich Nhat Hanh, and integrates Eastern and Western approaches in his psychotherapy practice.

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