Running with the Mind of Meditation and Yoga

Marty Kibiloski, Michael Sandrock, Nathan Railla and Lara Johnson

August 30–September 2, 2019

Tuition $195 + 3 nights

Distance running or walking is often the exercise of choice for reducing stress, bringing us greater perspective, and connecting us directly to the wisdom of the body.The practices of meditation and yoga offer similar benefits, helping us cultivate stillness and non-judgemental awareness of the mind’s activities. Join us for an extraordinary Labor Day weekend of exploration, as we run on beautiful mountain trails and discover a deeper experience of peace through meditation and yoga. The program will include meditation instruction and practice, yoga specifically for runners, group discussion and contemplative group runs. Experienced teachers of the three disciplines will lead us on this delightful journey.



Marty Kibiloski is an accomplished marathoner, successful business leader and a Hawaii Ironman veteran. Through meditation and yoga, he has discovered a deeper sense of richness that brings fullness to all aspects of his life.




Michael Sandrock is an award-winning journalist and author of Running with the Legends and Running Tough. He began running as a teenager in the forest preserves outside Chicago and went on to compete for the University of Colorado. He now studies comparative mythology, running, yoga, and meditation.



Nathan Railla was first inspired by Shambhala at a dharma talk on diversity & society in Berkeley, CA, 2008. He is an avid runner, cyclist and meditator. Nathan enjoys these pursuits with all their idiosyncrasies, as well as their profound alignments. Nathan is a counselor for teens and lives in Denver, CO with his lovely wife, Betsy and cat, Ember.




Lara Johnson was a competitive runner before, during, and after earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). As owner of Yellow Brick Physical Therapy in Boulder, CO, Dr. Lara helps people stay mobile and healthy long-term by combining her knowledge of neuromuscular body mechanics with yoga and other modalities to foster inner and outer vitality.



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