Savasana: Exploring Our Death to Liberate Our Lives

Elysabeth Williamson and Margery McSweeney

March 13–15, 2015

Tuition $190 + 2 nights
Elysabeth Williamson

Elysabeth Williamson

 This program has been cancelled. 

Margery McSweeney

Margery McSweeney

At the root of all our fears lies the fear of death – our own and our loved ones. How would we live our lives differently if we contemplated and even practiced this ultimate letting go?

This powerful weekend explores both our personal relationship with death and dying, and practice in holding sacred space for others. We will begin the retreat with an open discussion about what is often left unspoken and take time to explore what feels unfinished in our lives if we were to die today. We will also use hands-on embodiment practices, both as givers and receivers, to go beyond fear so that we may rest in the eternal aspects of our being.

Savasana, the ancient Yogic practice for death, teaches us how to align ourselves in ways that encourage the deepest relaxation on every level. The exploration of death is ultimately a practice of deep release and joy. When we contemplate the nature of death directly and openly, with the support of others, we are empowered to live our lives with greater freedom and gratitude.

No previous yoga experience is required.

This retreat will provide the opportunity to:

  • Openly uncover whatever conscious or unconscious fears and resistance we hold toward the process of death.
  • Cultivate presence and tools to skillfully assist self and others to face their fears and resistance to death.
  • Discover freedom from the immobilizing fear of the deaths of loved ones. Experiencing what remains eternal even in death.
  • Uncover a heightened self-awareness and greater harmony, unity and joy with self and others.
  • Feel greater joy and liberation to live our lives fully.

Recommended reading: This practice comes from The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga and can be reviewed in advance of the workshop.


Elysabeth Williamson

Elysabeth Williamson, ERYT-500, is the foremost authority on Principle-Based Partner Yoga, a style she founded and has developed since 1991. She is known for articulating and transmitting esoteric teachings in ways that are accessible and practical for everyone. She is the author of ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ and ‘Partner Yoga Touch’ digital video application.

Margery McSweeney

Margery McSweeney, RN, CPM, CCBE is a practicing nurse and midwife with 30 years experience assisting families through birth and death transitions. Margery views death as a birth into the spiritual realm and is committed to supporting others to live in the present moment and embrace transformational opportunities. Through her ongoing continuing education she is trained as Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ Teacher, Healing Touch practitioner, and Reiki Master.

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