Sacred World Assembly

June 25–July 16, 2014

Tuition $1040 + 21 nights


Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Acharya Christie Cashman

Acharya Christie Cashman

Acharya Adam Lobel

Acharya Adam Lobel


Having been introduced to one’s own basic goodness, the basic goodness of all beings and society itself, and having been introduced to the great mahayana path, the warrior is now invited into the full magic of the sacred world.

This advanced program, Sacred World Assembly (formerly Vajrayana Seminary) is designed to deepen students’ practice and understanding of the Buddhist and Shambhala vajrayana teachings and to enter them into a sacred relationship with the viracharya guru, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche — helping him to create an enlightened society.

Sacred World Assembly is led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and two of his acharyas – Acharyas Christie Cashman and Adam Lobel. This Assembly authorizes students to begin their Shambhala ngöndro, the preliminary practices for receiving the Rigden Abhisheka.

Enlightened Society Assembly and Warrior Assembly are prerequisites for this program, along with Refuge and Bodhisattva vows. Bodhisattva vows will be offered for those who are unable to receive the vow before hand.Once accepted to the Assembly, all participants must complete the 9-class Shambhala Online course, Entering the Vajra World, and class-related practice requirements, prior to the start of the Assembly. More information on this course will be provided in your acceptance letter from the Office of Practice and Education.


Please read the following paragraphs as they contain key information

Attending Sacred World Assembly is a two-part process that includes both applying to the program with the Shambhala International Office of Practice and Education, and registering with Shambhala Mountain Center. This year, participants are welcome to apply first and then register, or to register first and then apply.

Registering with Shambhala Mountain Center allows you to pay for the program and requested housing (see link below). Registering for lodge housing submits your preference, but does not guarantee it. Importantly, registration with Shambhala Mountain Center alone does not guarantee your attendance at Sacred World Assembly.

In order to attend Sacred World Assembly, you must submit an online application (link below) and be accepted by the Office of Practice and Education, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The application is reviewed by the Office of Practice and Education, in order to ensure that each participant is adequately prepared to receive the transmissions and practices and to enter into the vajrayana path.

Please do not make airplane reservations until you have received your full acceptance from the Office of Practice and Education.

To apply for Sacred World Assembly via the Office of Practice and Education, please click here

The application deadline for SWA is March 15, 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have registered with Shambhala Mountain Center, but have not submitted an online application to the Office of Practice and Education, as of March 15, 2014 we will assume that you have decided not to attend Sacred World Assembly, and you will be removed from the Shambhala Mountain Center registration list.

To register for Sacred World Assembly and reserve accommodations with Shambhala Mountain Center, please click here

If you have already completed SWA and are interested in staffing this program, please click here to submit an application

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