Spring Dathün Meditation Retreat: Week I with Jenny Bondurant

Jenny Bondurant

March 14–21, 2009

Tuition $ + 7 nights

In this rich practice environment we will explore and practice shamatha, or calm abiding meditation, which settles the mind and allows vipashyana, or insight, to emerge. We will learn how to ride the energy of the mind and the joys and sorrows we might encounter in the openness and accommodation of maitri, or lovingkindness. As we explore and practice these ancient meditation techniques, we will discover the innate wisdom and natural compassion at the heart of our experience.

Each day will include periods of sitting and walking meditation and a short work session. The retreat includes talks, group meditation instruction, and regular individual meetings with a qualified meditation instructor. Meals are served oryoki-style, from the Zen monastic tradition, and periods of silence will be observed. Both beginning and advanced practitioners are welcome to attend.

The dathün program encompasses four weeks. For a deep immersion into the path of meditation and warriorship, we invite you to attend the entire dathün. You may also participate in one or more of our weeklong segments, or weekthüns. All participants are required to attend for at least one week, preferably at least two. You must attend at least one other week in order to attend Week IV. This program page is for those interested in attending the first week of the dathün.

Other registration options:
Entire Dathün: March 14 to April 11
Week II: March 21 to 28
Week III: March 28 to April 4
Weeks III & IV: March 28 to April 11

Price Discount: In celebration of Shambhala Mountain’s first spring dathün in 15 years, this retreat is being offered at prices 30% below our standard dathün rates!

Jenny Bondurant began practicing meditation in 1980, under the direction of her teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She has completed the traditional Buddhist three-year retreat and is a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. She divides her time between teaching and retreat practice at her home in Colorado.

Can’t attend our spring dathün? Our 2009 summer dathün will be offered July 26 to August 23.

Jenny Bondurant

Jenny Bondurant has been a dharma teacher for 30 years, both in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and in the tradition of Anam Thubten from whom she received ordination as a teacher.  An adjunct faculty member in the Contemplative Psychology Department at Naropa University, she leads retreats on Maitri Space Awareness and working with the energy of the emotions. www.jennybondurant.com

Program Details

Financial aid is available for this program.