Scorpion Seal Assembly II

Acharya Emily Bower

October 10–21, 2014

Tuition $645 + 11 nights
Acharya Emily Bower

Acharya Emily Bower

The Sakyong has asked participants who have completed the first Scorpion Seal Assemblies to gather at practice centers for a second year program.  These retreats, to be led by Shambhala acharyas, will focus on intensive practice of the Werma Sadhana and other practices that were received, as well as the reading transmission of the entire Profound volume.  This book will provide the basis of our training as we move forward with the Scorpion Seal path. As such, these second year assemblies will be a prerequisite for continuing on.

Prerequisites: Completion of Scorpion Seal Assembly I and related practice requirements

Please read these important details before registering:

Payment: A deposit of 50% of the total program cost is due upon registration. The full remaining balance is due on September 10th, 2014, 30 days prior to your arrival date.

Shambhala Benefits: Please note that the following are current benefits that are subject to change in 2014. Shambhala Benefits are for full or part-time paid employees of Shambhala (benefits differ), excluding Center Directors. Shambhala Benefits are for Seasonal Dormitory housing. If you would like to upgrade your housing, you must pay the upgrade. If you have questions about Shambhala Benefits, please send an email to If you are eligible for Shambhala Benefits, please select Seasonal dorm as your housing, write your intention in the Comments/Special Needs section of the SMC registration form, and choose “Pay by check.”

Cancellation Policy: This cancellation policy for Scorpion Seal Assembly II supersedes all other SMC cancellation policies.

Upon cancellation of registration for any reason, participants will incur a cancellation fee of the greater of $100 or 10% of the total reservation charges.

Cancellations made before September 10th, 2014 will be refunded, minus the cancellation fee. Cancellations made after September 10th will not be refunded but will be applied to program credit, minus the cancellation fee. In cases where a registrant waives a refund and accepts program credit as compensation, they will receive full credit plus 10%. This credit can be used on programs at SMC within two years of the initial registration date.

Staffing: For those interested in staffing, register now and select “pay by check”. CLICK HERE for the Staff Application (located on another website.)

Materials Fee: There will be a materials fee in addition to the tuition that all participants need to pay prior to the Assembly. This fee is currently being finalized.

Laundry: Laundry services will not be available at this retreat.

Acharya Emily Bower

Acharya Emily Bower began practicing with the Shambhala community 30 years ago. The Sakyong invited her to become an acharya in 2004. She leads retreats and weekend programs, with particular interests in dathun and weekthun;  contemplating kindness; and  practicing sanity in challenging situations.

She works as a book editor specializing in Buddhism, psychology, and yoga. She is a project manager and editor for the 84000 Project, a non-profit focused on translating the words of the Buddha into English. She is a staff reviewer and curator at Dharma Spring, the online Buddhist bookstore. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Brown University and studied writing and editing at UC Berkeley. She is married to the translator, screenwriter, and artist Peter Alan Roberts.

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