An Invitation To Thinking and Acting Strategically

Eva Wong

May 8–10, 2020

Tuition $525 + 2 nights

This workshop presented by Eva Wong and Ghost Valley Strategy Consultants is
designed to introduce you to the art and skill of thinking and acting strategically.
Everyone can be a strategist. It only takes inspiration and some training to bring out the
strategist within you.

This workshop will provide you with tools and guidelines on how to think and act
strategically, call your attention to the need for virtue in strategic thought and action,
and apply what you have learned in your work and everyday life.

Thinking and acting strategically can save time, effort, and resources, allowing us to
successfully accomplish works that will benefit humanity.

What is offered in this workshop:

Theme-rooms and breakout groups on focused topics
Taoist methods of enhancing body and mental awareness
Presentations and tutorials by Eva Wong and Ghost Valley Consultants on:

  • situation awareness
  • social awareness
  • interpersonal awareness
  • information awareness

Who can benefit from this workshop

If you are in business, education, professional services, government agencies, or are
involved in community organization, and you wish to integrate strategic skill and virtue
into your work – THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU

What you will get out of it

  • Tools and guidelines for personal follow-up training
  • Body awareness training exercises
  • Mental awareness training exercises

This retreat is part of Eva Wong’s Strategic Studies Series, a system of workshops and courses featuring modern applications of strategy based on Chinese classics including Sunzi’s Art of War, The Thirty-Six Strategies, and the writings of Zhuge Liang. To learn more about this series click here:

About Eva Wong

Eva Wong is the author of A Course in the Thirty-Six Strategies, a Chinese classic on
strategy and tactics (to be published in summer 2020), as well as 15 other books on the
Taoist practical arts such as health practices, meditation, divination, and strategy. She
owns and operates Ghost Valley Strategy Consultants, and has advised corporations,
government agencies, and private individuals on strategy world-wide. You can find her
courses on strategy and tactics listed in the website

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