Tibetan Cranial Beginner’s Training

Heidi Nordlund

October 10–15, 2013

Tuition $1000 + 5 nights

Tibetan Cranial has a rich and ancient history originating in the Himalayan highlands approximately 2000 years ago. This lineage of sacred knowledge has been passed down through generations of Tibetan monks. Before the Chinese invasion of Tibet, this healing modality was flourishing; after the invasion, it nearly became extinct. Today the work is surviving through the efforts of Master teacher Shar Lee, who teaches the advanced trainings to continuing apprentices, and the Tibetan Cranial Association. Tibetan Cranial reconnects us to our inherent healing capacity. It is a healing modality that focuses on fine-tuning the bones in the skull, neck and jaw based on pulse reading in order to alleviate great suffering and promote a profound sense of well-being. Yoga and meditation are taught as part of the five-day retreat in order to develop/enhance ones daily spiritual practice in support of the Tibetan Cranial practice.

Please follow the link for pre-requisites and requirements for Tibetan Cranial Beginner’s Training: http://www.tibetancranial.org/upcoming.html



Heidi Nordlund

Heidi Nordlund is an advanced Tibetan Cranial Practitioner trained by Master teacher and lineage holder Shar Lee. Heidi is also an Ayurvedic Doctor. Her spiritual practice is grounded in the science of Kriya Yoga meditation. In addition to practicing and teaching Tibetan Cranial and Ayurveda, Heidi is a certified Postpartum AyurDoula, yoga therapist and yoga instructor.

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