The Eight Limbs of Yoga with Katharine Kaufman

Katharine Kaufman

August 14–16, 2009

Tuition $125 + 2 nights

When we practice the ancient disciplines of yoga postures, meditation and breathing, other more subtle limbs of yoga, such as contentment, self-knowledge, nonviolence, and deepening meditative states naturally follow. In this workshop, we will examine the eight limbs of classical yoga and how they are revealed through our practice. Our inquiry will begin by practicing foundational postures, and then flow through sequences from the classical Ashtanga lineage. We will also experiment with partner work, restorative yoga, discussion and meditation from a mind/body perspective. Moving from the inside out, we will explore our unique alignment and currents of movement and listen for our bodies’ cues and wisdom. Open to all levels.

Katharine Kaufman, MFA, teaches yoga at Studio Be, Shambhala Centers and the University of Colorado. She is a longtime faculty member of Naropa University, where she teaches Contemplative Dance Practice. She studied extensively with Richard Freeman, in India with Pattahbi Jois, and taught at the Yoga Workshop for over 13 years. Katharine is lay ordained in the Soto Zen lineage by Kobun Chino, Roshi. Steeped in the movement arts for over 30 years, Katharine is also a poet and choreographer. Her teaching is thorough, warm and precise.

Katharine Kaufman

Katharine Kaufman is priest ordained in the Soto Zen Lineage and teaches meditation, writing workshops, and Yoga in Boulder County and at Shambhala Mountain Center. She is an adjunct professor at Naropa University where she teaches Movement Arts and Contemplative Seminar. She holds MFAs in Performance/Choreography and Writing/Poetics.

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Financial aid is available for this program.