The Science of Gratitude

Matt O’Grady

September 25–27, 2020

Tuition $300 + 2 nights

Note: This program is being rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please see updates about SMC’s response to the pandemic here.

Discover the life-changing practice of cultivating gratitude. Scientific research is proving that a daily gratitude practice can benefit our health, relationships, work, and sleep. A consistent gratitude practice releases stress and boosts our immune system, while also connecting us to a deeper part of ourselves. During this retreat, the study of gratitude will be rooted in ancient wisdom and cutting edge science. Through meditation, discussion, writing, practices of “Being Thankful,” and gentle movement and exercise, you will have an opportunity to apply this wisdom and knowledge for emotional and spiritual growth. You will leave this weekend with the gift of gratitude, which will support, deepen, and expand all areas of your life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Matt O’Grady

Matt O’Grady is a Coach, Author, Speaker, and Podcast host. He guides people around the world to attain new levels of connection, serenity, happiness, and success through self-awareness, meditation and practicing gratitude. He is the author of Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness. Matt has degrees in Psychology & Holistic Health. He has studied Buddhism and Esoteric Wisdom Traditions for over 25 years. Matt is the cofounder of Soul Brothers, a non-profit organization that provides a safe place for emotional awareness and expression, which also supports children and families in need.

Program Details

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