Vajrayogini Intensivewith Acharya Larry Mermelstein

Acharya Larry Mermelstein

March 11–18, 2011

Tuition $0 + 7 nights

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The precious treasure of the Kagyu lineage, the sadhana of the yidam Vajrayogini, holds powerful transmissions for immediate transformation of our lives. Emotional and conceptual obscurations are burned in her fiery wisdom, and her unblinking gaze awakens our greatest capacities for limitless awareness. Special attention will be placed on co-emergent Mahamudra within the practice. This sadhana intensive, appropriate for all levels of Vajrayogini practitioners, is a celebration of the heart of our Vajrayana community and culture.

Prerequisite: Vajrayogini Abhisheka

Here is an excerpt from a participant of a Chakrasamvara Drupchen led by Acharya Larry Mermelstein.
” On a few evenings he offered teachings and stories from lineage gurus who had clearly known just what might come in handy for a future a practitioner-like me. Plus, practicing the Chakrasamvara mandala of compassion added an unexpected depth and balance to my understanding of the Shambhala path-the sanity of compassionate society. Larry is a wonderful teacher!”

For those who can not afford to pay our regular room and board rates, our second option is the flat room and board rate of $80 per night. Your accommodations will be the best we have available (up to single Lodge room with shared bathroom facilities) after accommodating all participants paying our regular rates. Priority for best-available housing will be on a first-come first-served basis. We will not be able to confirm which housing you will be assigned until one week prior to the program start date.

For those requiring substantial financial assistance, our third option is a room and board rate is $50 per night for seasonal dorm accommodations. Please understand that we are not able to provide student or senior discounts at this rate.

There will be an opportunity during the program to offer a teachers gift.

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Acharya Larry Mermelstein

Acharya Larry Mermelstein became a close student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1971 and he was later empowered as a senior teacher, or “acharya,” by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. He has been the executive director of the Nalanda Translation Committee for over 30 years and is a long-time consulting editor to Shambhala Publications.

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Financial aid is available for this program.