Warrior Assembly

June 12–21, 2005

Tuition $ + 9 nights

The culmination of the Shambhala Training Sacred Path program, this nine-day retreat provides a living teaching in creating enlightened society. Participants will receive transmission and training in the advanced Shambhala practices of stroke and lungta, and will study the root text, The Golden Sun of the Great East, by the Dorje Dradül. Warrior Assembly is a prerequisite for Shambhala Vajrayana Seminary.

To register, 1) please click on the appropriate housing option below, and 2)complete an application with Shambhala International at www.shambhala.org.

Prerequisites: Completion of the Shambhala Training Sacred Path programs (including Golden Key) and membership in one’s local Shambhala center.

(Filling out an application well in advance of the program gives us the notification we need to gather staff and prepare for the program. Students who apply for Warrior Assembly and have completed the prerequisites will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis).

Arawana Hayashi is a senior meditation teacher in the Shambhala tradition. She is also artistic director of the Jo Ha Kyu Performance Group in Cambridge, which presents contemporary and Bugaku dance concerts nationally. While codirector of Naropa University’s Dance Program from 1975-1980, she was asked by Chögyam Trungpa to study and incorporate Bugaku into the body of Shambhala Arts.

Dan Hessey has taught Buddhism since 1978 and Shambhala Training since 1981. He was director of Shambhala Mountain Center from 1985 to 1991 and headed the SMC Expansion Project for the two years thereafter.

Program Details

Program Contact: arawana hayashi.
Email: ahayashi@shambhala.org.
Phone: 845-338-2876.

Financial aid is available for this program.