Sacred Path: Windhorse

Shastri Iris Ramos

February 28–March 2, 2015

Tuition $210 + 2 nights
Shastri Iris Ramos

Shastri Iris Ramos

In Windhorse one receives the root text that gives the instruction for “raising Windhorse,” a practice which opens the heart and refreshes one’s confidence. One learns through this practice to bring about skillful and heartfelt social engagement, enabling one to go forward in the midst of whatever challenges occur.

Prerequisite: Great Eastern Sun

The tuition for Windhorse includes a $60 materials fee.

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This program will run until dinner on the day of departure. Want to stay an extra night? Take advantage of a 25% discount by selecting “Add Extra Night” in the upper right corner of the lodging options.

Shastri Iris Ramos

Shastri Ramos, a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche since 1990, has been teaching Shambhala Training since 2000 and was appointed Shastri in 2012. She is also a teacher of Ikebana. For the last 30 years, Shastri Ramos has held a private practice in Clincial Social Work with a specialty in children and family therapies. She currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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Financial aid is available for this program.