Yoga and Meditation: From the Inside

Katharine Kaufman

April 5–7, 2013

Tuition $150 + 2 nights

A yoga practice that is curious and intimate finds meditation organically, through the bones and tissues; our struggles are reduced, and insight blooms. During the weekend, embodied stillness practices meet a rich cluster of slowly flowing postures resulting in a sense of embodied wholeness. A deep yoga/meditation practice that listens to our body’s innermost voice clears the way for integration of heart and mind.

Katharine Kaufman

Katharine Kaufman, MFA, is ordained as a priest in the Soto Zen lineage. She studied Yoga in India and practiced and taught for many years at Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop and Wendy Bramlett’s Studio Be. Katharine is an adjunct professor at Naropa University where she teaches Contemplative Movement Arts and is a student of poetry.

Program Details

Financial aid is available for this program.