Membership Support
Please consider becoming a vital part of the Shambhala Mountain Center sangha by pledging monthly support. Your gift helps us to cover vital operational costs, providing stable financial bedrock for the Center

The Banner of Bodhi Association: Joining our community of monthly supporters

By making a monthly contribution of $15 or more to SMC, you join the Banner of Bodhi Association which recognizes the wonderful commitment of our recurring supporters.

The Director’s Circle: Committing to stewardship of SMC
The Director’s Circle is a group of patrons who show their commitment to the vision and prosperity of SMC through a monthly gift of $108 or more. As a gesture of SMC’s appreciation, members of this group will receive monthly updates and invitations to Director Dialogues and a yearly Director’s Circle Retreat.

As a member, you receive a beautiful pin to acknowledge your stewardship of Shambhala Mountain Center.  (above) In the center of the pin is the symbol for Jambhala, a Tibetan deity embodying the aspects of enlightened wealth, which is inseparable from generosity.