Dhi Good

Dhi Good is a senior teacher in Shambhala, who studied Zen intensively for 10 years. In addition to Shambhala path programs, she teaches mindfulness at work for non-meditators. She earned a masters in Future Studies from University of Houston, and is co-author of Trendbenders: Building Healthy and Vital Communities (2002). Dhi lives in Denver and works as Director of Communications and Marketing for SMC.

Upcoming Programs by Dhi Good

Meditation Kickstarter: Ease into New Habits

February 24–27, 2022

Who needs a meditation kickstarter? We all do every now and then. llll Take a Joyful Approach… Give your meditation and movement practices a gentle jump start with this weekend This is not a boot camp.designed to boost you into the groove, in a very relaxed and friendly way. Meditation can be joyful and easy — […]


Meditation Intensive: Gratitude & Self-Compassion

March 17–20, 2022

lll Dive Deeply into Meditation This practice intensive is designed for meditators looking to take a deep dive into practice, and to generate an open heart toward ourselves and others through gratitude and self-compassion practices. We will be in silence most of each day. Each practice period will include basic meditation and loving-kindness contemplation. In […]