Eva Wong

Eva Wong, author and translator of 13 books on the Taoist arts of health, meditation and qigong, is the 19th-generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism and 3rd-generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of the Yiquan martial arts and Zhangshuan (standing qigong).

Upcoming Programs by Eva Wong


Taoism: The Art of Living

September 18–20, 2015

Explore the Taoist Arts This experiential workshop will introduce Taoist practices to cultivate a healthy body and peaceful mind.   We will begin by practicing qigong exercises that are designed to activate and circulate qi (the energy of life), followed by a session of guided Taoist-style meditation. After our qigong and guided meditation practices, we will […]


Traditional Chinese Qigong: Wudangshan Animals Long Form

September 20–24, 2015

The Wudangshan Five Animals Long Forms are designed to deepen tendon-changing and marrow-washing practices using advanced stances and internal martial arts-based postures. Tiger Leopard Dragon Snake & Crane Totaling forty-eight qigong movements, these animal forms train the practitioner to use the Tiger Form to strengthen bones and tendons, the Leopard Form to develop spring-like qualities in the tendons, the […]