Jacqueline Kabat

Jacqueline Kabat is a Manhattan-based comedian who performs stand-up at popular comedy clubs, including Gotham and Caroline’s on Broadway. She has studied with Amy Poehler, warmed up audiences at ABC Studios with Mario Cantone, and is currently in production for her documentary, Comedy Improv Can Save the World. She teaches improv in theaters, corporations, medical centers, and institutes such as Omega and Esalen.


Upcoming Programs by Jacqueline Kabat


Comedy Improv: Humor for Health and Self-Discovery

May 9–11, 2014

Enjoy an uproariously fun workshop and soothe your spirit while re-energizing yourself with laughter. Learn the basic principles of comedy improvisation, including the central lesson of being completely present and open to whatever happens. With skillful guidance, we will work together as a group to create a safe environment, eliminating any individual fear. Having fun, [...]