Jim Tolstrup

Jim Tolstrup, a director of Shambhala Training, has been a practitioner of indigenous wisdom traditions since 1977. He is a co-founder and the past president of Cankatola Ti Ospaye, a non-profit supporting Native American elders. Jim is the executive director of the High Plains Environmental Center in Loveland, Colorado, and author of SUBURBITAT – A guide to restoring nature where we live, work and play.

Upcoming Programs by Jim Tolstrup

Stupa at night with lights

ONLINE • Big Sky, Big Mind: A Contemplative Astronomy Workshop

Also Andrea Schweitzer

September 10–12, 2021

In this contemplative astronomy workshop, experience your personal connection with the universe. Throughout history, human beings have looked to the skies to follow the rhythm of the seasons and to ponder life’s mysteries. We can learn from ancient wisdom, from current understanding, and from our own contemplative journey. In this online program, you will get […]