Jonathan Barbieri

Jonathan Barbieri has taught Buddhist and Shambhala trainings extensively throughout North America for over 30 years. Each year he presents a New Year Resolution program at Shambhala Mountain Center that explores how to bring our aspirations into focus by slowing down our mind and seeing more clearly through Mindfulness meditation.  Jon has been engaged in several livelihood pursuits including consulting with cities and counties on workforce development, creating contemplative co-housing communities and, most recently, teaching Mindfulness programs to public agencies and businesses. He was formerly the Executive Director of Shambhala Mountain Center.


Upcoming Programs by Jonathan Barbieri

Jonathan Barbieri

The Art of Being Human: Shambhala Training Level I

June 12–14, 2015

Through the practice of meditation, we glimpse unconditional goodness as the ground of our existence. This immersive weekend workshop helps us open to ourselves with gentleness and appreciation and begin to see our potential as genuine and compassionate human beings. This program is recommended for new and experienced meditators, as well as those looking to […]