Kate Raddock

Kate Raddock has been working as a body educator since 2009. A certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, and meditation guide, Kate is dedicated to generating a gentle, rich, and therapeutic space that heals the entire psychosomatic system. Her teachings point people to an embodied discovery of their own natural well-being, uncovering more about themselves through movement, feeling, and touch. She enjoys exploring the entire range of human experience and finds wisdom to be present in every moment.

Upcoming Programs by Kate Raddock

Spring Break Family Retreat

Also Leslie Gossett and Matthew Parkinson

March 25–29, 2019

Family Spring Break Retreat offers nourishing connection with yourself, your family and community. Together we explore and create a culture of kindness – caring deeply for ourselves and each other. We practice movement and meditation, join together in creative activities, and most importantly, play together. In the mornings, parents and children will have separate programs […]