Marcella Friel

Marcella Friel is a mindful eating mentor who helps health-conscious women love and forgive themselves, their food, and their figure. She is the founder of the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy, an online program to help women cultivate unconditional self-love as the path to sustainable body-weight balance. Over 50,000 women have experienced profound transformation through Marcella’s best-selling courses on DailyOM and through her book, Tap, Taste, Heal: Use Emotional Freedom Techniques to Eat Joyfully and Love Your Body. Marcella lives in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado.
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Upcoming Programs by Marcella Friel

ONLINE • Becoming Ageless as We Age

Also Mary Sheila Gonnella

July 16–18, 2021

Learn the secrets of true agelessness from food and forgiveness mentor Marcella Friel and holistic nutritionist Mary Sheila Gonnella and discover your body’s miraculous capacity for regeneration at any chronological age. In this online weekend retreat, open to all self-identified women, you’ll learn how to use EFT Tapping and other somatic practices to Release internalized […]