Rhonda Magee

Rhonda Magee, JD, MA (Sociology), is Professor of Law and former Co-Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of San Francisco. She is also a member of the advisory board of the Center for Mindfulness, a member of the Project for the Integration of Spirituality, Law and Politics, and a contributor to Mindful.org. At USF, she teaches Contemplative Lawyering, Race Law and Policy, and Torts and has taught Immigration Law and Insurance Law. She is an expert in Contemplative Pedagogy, Race Law, Identity-Sensitive Pedagogy, Critical Race Perspectives on the Intersection of Race and Immigration.  In 2015, Rhonda was named a Fellow of the Mind and Life Institute

Upcoming Programs by Rhonda Magee

Compassion in Action

Also Sharon Salzberg and Acharya Fleet Maull

August 15–19, 2018

Our world seems to be increasingly influenced by speed, materialism, and aggression. Many of us feel overwhelmed and powerless, wondering how we can make a difference. Compassion in Action is an opportunity to reconnect with our best intentions and engage in practices to develop compassion and resiliency. Relaxing our minds in meditation, we’ll cultivate a […]