Shastri Loden Nyima

Shastri Loden Nyima is a fully ordained Buddhist monk. He lived at Gampo Abbey from 2009 – 2017 where he completed shedra studies, practiced intensively, and served in various roles including as Shastri. He now lives and teaches at Shambhala Mountain Center, and spends a portion of each year in retreat.

Upcoming Programs by Shastri Loden Nyima

Beyond Hope and Fear

Also Melissa Lago

May 12–17, 2020

Our minds and bodies are naturally awake, whole, complete, healthy, and sacred. Yet in today’s speedy and chaotic world, many of us come to meditation from feelings of extreme stress, anxiety, heartbreak, despair, loneliness, and exhaustion. Our climate is in crisis, our jobs and relationships are often strained and unstable, and our minds and bodies […]

Summer Seminar I: Discovering the Path of Liberation, and II: Living Wisdom and Compassion

Also Acharya Susan Chapman, Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown, Acharya Holly Gayley and Acharya Daniel Hessey

June 12–July 10, 2020

The single focus of the Buddha’s teachings was showing humanity the path to ending suffering and reconnecting with our natural state of freedom and openness. The profundity and sophistication with which the Buddha expressed a path of liberation has given his teachings a timeless relevance, making them as practical today as ever. Over the course […]