Valerie Lorig

Valerie Lorig, M.Ed, NCC, has been a practitioner of Buddhism and Shambhala since the 1970s and teaches nationally at Shambhala Centers.  She is influenced by Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche’s contemporary presentation of Buddhism in the West.   A teacher at Naropa
University and therapist in private practice, she explores the union of meditative disciplines with contemplative psychology.

Valerie leads groups, classes, and workshops including: About Women: The Secret of Support; The Sacred Path of Relationship, Sex, and Love; Inseparable Union: Exploring Feminine and Masculine Principles; Contemplative Education and Art; and Mindfulness Awareness Meditation. She facilitates seminars on Health and Well-Being for corporations and participates in Bhutan’s Well-Being and Happiness conferences, including A New Economic Paradigm at the UN in 2011.