Venerable Khenpo Jigme

Venerable Khenpo Jigme was born in Bhutan and joined the Monastery at age twelve. Having completed three-year retreat, Thrangu Rinpoche appointed him to teach in Nepal and India, instilled him the title of “Khenpo” (PhD mastery level) in 1997, and sent him to the USA in 2005. Khenpo is known for his vast skills in all aspects of Buddhist philosophy, rituals and meditation, down to earth kindness, honesty and constant example of loving kindness.

Upcoming Programs by Venerable Khenpo Jigme

Medicine Buddha: Engaging Relative and Ultimate Healing to Embody Compassionate Action

Also Nashalla Nyinda

October 18–20, 2019

Learn how to embody innate healing potential within through a concise and simple Tibetan Buddhist healing practice based upon generation and embodiment of the Medicine Buddha’s characteristics. It is said that innumerable benefits arise just by hearing the name or mantra of Medicine Buddha, including the enhancement of healing practices and infusing medicines. In this weekend we practice ultimate compassion and elimination […]