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Enter below to win a free Weekthun: a week-long meditation
retreat in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Why meditate for a full week? Participants often arrive at Weekthun with an aspiration that is personal in nature such as benefiting their health, boosting creativity or alleviating stress. But many find afterwards that their retreat experience is not only a powerful gift to themselves but also their family, work, and society.

“It’s the kindest thing you can do for the people around you—become a gentler person.” – Acharya Allyn Lyon, senior teacher for the 2014 Summer Weekthun

SummerDathunTentThis inseparability of personal and social transformation enables us to see how our meditation practice can contribute to creating Enlightened Society—a world that nurtures the goodness, kindness, and strength of the human spirit. It also attunes us to the influence of the environment on ourselves and community, whether we’re at work, school, or meditating in the beautiful mountains of SMC.

Why do you want to meditate for a week?


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* Airfare not included. The winner of this contest will receive free program tuition, lodging and meals for the duration of the Weekthun.

* Further weekthun dates are also available due to prior meditation experience.

Noble Aspiration,
Noble Effort, Beautiful Fruition

Dathun is not a magic pill or a makeover. Still, the before and after photos can be quite striking. And though the photos themselves speak volumes, the featured practitioners have words worth sharing as well.

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